About Us

The Warriors' Day Parade Council, established in 1921, is an entirely volunteer
based organization, responsible for the overall planning, promotion and execution
of The Warriors' Day Parade. The Council is comprised of dedicated women and
men with military backgounds as well as individuals with experience in organization, planning and marketing. As one Parade ends, planning begins almost immediately
for the next year's Parade.

Meeting year-round, The Warriors' Day Parade Council with the support of dozens of other volunteers deals with the many complex details required to ensure
a successful event.

Our Crest

In the mid-1990s, The Warriors' Day Parade Council adopted a crest (shown above) to be worn on their distinctive green blazers. The crest is surmounted by the Imperial Crown that was worn by His Majesty King George V when the Council was established in 1921. The centre piece of the crest is a stylized rendering of the Princes' Gates depicting both our loyalty to the Royal Family and our close association with the CNE. The flags surmounting the gates are the Union Jack and the Canadian Flag Ensign. These two flags are emblematic of those standards in use during our formative years as a Council, and also those under which many of our members served "King and Country."



The Warriors' Day Parade Council


The Warriors' Day Parade Council


Honourary Chairman
Mr. Knox M. Henry

Major Sandra Bullock, CD

Immediate Past President
MWO Mark Stephens, CD

Past Presidents
LCol John Burns, CD
LCol Jack Lee, CD
Maj Donald Duthie, SBStJ, CD
Capt Mort Lightstone, CD

Vice-President Operations
Mr.David Burns

Vice-President Administration
Mr. Glenn Mills

General Secretary
Ms. Marjorie Harding

Capt Carlo Jeffery, CD

CWO Brian Budden, CD
Mr. John Hymers
P01 Alis B. Kennedy, OOnt, CD, OMC, PhD

2Lt Michael Perreault, CD

Members of Council
Mr. Csaba Barbarics
Lt Debbie Barbarics 
Maj Hal Buller, CD, CPO

Lt(N) Wayne Closs
Mrs. Sarah Rose Duthie
Mr. John Geraghty
Tpr Bruce Hampson    
Mrs. Joanne Jeffery

HSgt Faye MacLachlan
Capt Rose McGuire, CD
Capt Gord Mills
LCol Alex Moseanu, SBStJ, CD, AdeC
Mr. David Pelletier, CD
Mrs. Evelyn Pelletier

Sgt Doug Surphlis, CD
Sgt Robert Thomas
Capt Arjeh van der Sluis, SBStJ, CD, BSc

Mrs. Betty Walker
Mr. Stephan Walker
Ms. Anmarie Webb

Life Members
Ms. Danielle Bourre
Maj. Don Duthie, SBStJ, CD
Cpl Harry Hodgson, CD
Capt Stewart Kellock, MOM, OStJ, CD

MWO George MacLean, CD
CWO John Speirs, MMM, CD
Mrs. Betty Walker

Associate Members
Mrs. Lynda Buller
WO D.Lee Carwana, CD
Lt Courtland Elliott II, CD
Capt Jim Kelly, CD
Capt Rose Kelly
WO Richard Lacroix, CD
Capt Brian MacDonald, CD
Mr. Jeff Mills
Lt(N) Kevin MLOfford, CD

Contact Information

Major Sandra Bullock, CD
Email: wdparade@rogers.com