The Warriors’ Day Parade 90th Anniversary Book

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The Warriors’ Day Parade celebrated its 90th Anniversary in 2011. Since the first parade in August of 1921, thousands of Veterans and members of Canada’s military services have marched in this very important annual parade. Joining them have been many contingents from the United States of America and other allied nations.

As part of the 90th anniversary celebrations the Warriors’ Day Parade Council have published a book which documents some of the highlights of the history of the parade. Included in the book are many historic photographs, a number of which have not appeared in print since the 1920’s. Greetings from the Governor General, the Prime Minister, the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario and many others are also included. The publishing of this book is important as it helps to ensure that the parade’s history is shared widely and preserved for the future.

For the thousands of individuals who have strong connections with the Warriors’ Day Parade, this commemorative book makes for a wonderful keepsake to be handed down to future generations. If you or a family member participated in the Warriors’ Day Parade then we strongly encourage you to purchase a copy of this book while supplies last. Contingents may wish to purchase bulk at the special price shown below.

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