2013 Warriors' Day Parade Distinguished Guest of Honour and Reviewing Officer



Brigadier-General Omer Lavoie was born and raised in Marathon, Ontario. He joined the CF in 1983 as a private soldier in the Lake Superior Scottish Regiment. Upon high school graduation, he transferred to the Regular Force and attended Royal Roads Military College from 1985-1989. Upon completion of infantry phase training, he was posted to Second Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment.

BGen Lavoie's regimental employment includes service with 2 RCR, 1 RCR and as the Regimental Adjutant. As a member of 2 RCR, he was employed as a platoon commander, Officer Commanding reconnaissance platoon and as a company second-in-command. While posted to 1 RCR, he served as the Battle Group Operations Officer, Officer Commanding the Duke of Edinburgh's Company and Commanding Officer.

BGen Lavoie's extra regimental service has included postings to Canadian Forces Northern Area Headquarters in Yellowknife, Director General Strategic Planning at NDHQ, and as the first commander of the Canadian Forces Counter-Improvised Explosive Device Task Force. He has served in all three of the Canadian Army's mechanized brigade groups.

BGen Lavoie's operational experience includes employment as a rifle platoon commander during the OKA Crisis, as a company second-in-command in Croatia and Bosnia in 1992/1993, as a battle group operations officer in Kosovo in 1999/2000 and as a Battle Group Commanding Officer of the 1 RCR Battle Group in Kandahar, Afghanistan in 2006/2007. He assumed command of 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group in May 2010.

BGen Lavoie has been awarded the Meritorious Service Cross for his role in leading the First Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment Battle Group in Afghanistan and has been awarded the NATO Meritorious Service Medal for leading NATO's first offensive ground operation at the Battle Group level, OPERATION MEDUSA. Most recently, BGen Lavoie was appointed to the Order of Military Merit as an Officer.

His formal education includes an Honours degree in Military Leadership and Applied Psychology from Royal Roads Military College and a Master's degree in Defence Studies from Royal Military College. He is married and has three children. His personal interests include hunting, fishing, hunting, fishing and hunting.

BGen Lavoie assumed Command of Joint Task Force Central/Land Force Central Area in Toronto on 28 June 2012.

National Defence, Canada

The Warriors' Day Parade Council welcomes Brigadier-General Lavoie as our 2013 Distinguished Guest of Honour and Reviewing Officer.